About Us

About Us

Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. is a private limited company incorporate under the companies Act 1994 of Bangladesh and It’s a pioneer ICT, ITs, software and consultancy company in Bangladesh. Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. established in 2000. as an ICT based organization. The company’s portfolio of ITC services includes enterprise application integration and implementation, enterprise information technology (IT) solutions, offshore development service and technical support. It offers services in the area of custom application development, service-oriented architecture and mobile application development. With its comprehensive understanding of diverse business verticals and wide resources, Business Automation mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations enhance its performance and transform cost burdens into competitive business assets. Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. is an offshore studio providing digital print and production support services to advertising agencies and brands. We specialize in delivering flexible solutions to clients requiring high volume and complex, multi-lingual adaptation of both offline and online production. Our centralized setup ensures effective collaboration to meet the needs of constantly changing markets and consumer behavior. Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd.’s 24-hour makes it possible to offer low cost, high quality productions that reduce traditional time-to-market windows, irrespective of location, time zones and the clients’ operating hours.


Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. has successful track record of delivering innovative and cost-effective technical services to customers in both government, public sectors and international markets. The story of Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. is as dominant as the story of its country of origin- Bangladesh. Established with the mission to maintain the status of pioneer software development & consultancy firm confirming value of customers, shareholders and employees, Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. the company providing quality of solutions to our clients by incorporating sensible and cost-effective technologies. These products will be supported by a team of customer-oriented quality of workforces whose overriding priority is to provide professional service to our customers resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Our mission that to provide maximum quality & customer satisfaction.


Vision to deliver quality solutions to build The Digital Delta powered by innovation and guided by integrity. Like the remarkable growth of the economy of Bangladesh, Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. has also wondered its clients and stakeholders with amazing results, by building world-class capacity to deliver world-wide solutions. Bay Information Technologies and Systems Ltd. has wanted to make as a brand ambassador of Made in Bangladesh around the world and would like to establish as global ICT solution provider. According to our pioneer service, we wanted to produce a dependency level on foreign customer by our good effort & results.